Data Backup

Why choose Integrated Network Solutions for Backup?

Integrated Network Solutions has partnered with the Google Cloud Platform, a recognized industry-leader, to offer our clients the best backup storage options possible. We understand that digital assets are the foundation of your business. You need them protected and available to you, real-time and in the cloud — all at an affordable cost. Our Backup services do just that: automatically backing up data from your local network, external hard drives and NAS devices, encrypting that data and sending it safely offsite. If you need to back up your Windows servers, databases or live applications, our Backup services are ideal choices. Additionally, we can customize a hybrid, bare metal, and disaster recovery solution for your business’ data.

Safety & Security

Your files are encrypted and sent to Google’s secure data centers.

Easy File Recovery

Within minutes, our staff can restore crucial business data and recover your business from unexpected delays and get you back on track for success.